Frequently Asked Questions

Onestep HIV testing can be done at least 3 months after carrying out risky behavior

To test Onestep HIV, drop one drop of blood, followed by one drop of liquid buffer.

Results for HIV Onestep can be read in 10-15 minutes (Don’t read the results after 20 minutes)

To maximize recharge results, it’s good to use Pippete Plastic

This indicates that blood samples detected a number of anti-HIV viruses

Positive results, do not indicate that you must be infected with HIV, but that additional testing in the laboratory must be done to ensure results

Negative results indicated that blood samples were not detected by anti-HIV viruses

Negative results do not indicate that you are definitely not infected with HIV, especially if you have had risky behavior in the past 3 months. Perform repeated testing regularly

Check expired date. Unpack the Onestep Test Device. Apply Alcohol Prep Pad to the finger you want to take a blood sample. Press the Lancet until the finger draws a blood point. Suck blood using Pippete Plastic. Cover the wound with plaster. Put 1 drop of blood into the Cassete with the letter S. Then drop 1 drop of Buffer liquid into Cassete with the letter S. Wait for the results in 10-15 minutes.

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